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Dr. John Garcia

Facial Endoscopy

    Facial Endoscopy

    The Endoscopic Facial lifting is one of the most advanced in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, which allows observing the tissues of the face by using the endoscope, technical video camera and a television monitor to work them, cut them, move them, remove and traccionarlos without large incisions and therefore, minor and minimal scarring. Endoscopy allows work in depth the bones of the face, the cheeks , the platysma and frontal muscles and meseteros , fat and finally pull the skin of the face to get reduce wrinkles , mainly from the crows feet , nasolabial folds , improve the angle of the jaw , reduce double chin , raising eyebrows , removing facial wrinkles , bags, etc. 

    Currently endoscopy is used to improve performance and reduce the signs ( scars) preauricular , which are necessary in the traditional Lifting. In many cases it is not necessary to cut or remove the skin or hair clippers. By endoscopy is achieved rejuvenate the face by wrapping the skin behind the ears , and left a transitional fold of 3-8 weeks which is absorbed slowly without cutting the scalp.

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