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Dr. John Garcia

Facial Endoscopy

    Facial Endoscopy

    Endoscopic Facial Lifting stands out as one of the most advanced techniques in the realm of Cosmetic Surgery. This method utilizes an endoscope, a video camera, and a television monitor to observe, manipulate, and treat facial tissues, all while minimizing incisions and reducing scarring. By employing endoscopy, surgeons can work extensively on facial bones, cheeks, platysma and frontal muscles and fat, ultimately lifting and tightening the skin to reduce wrinkles, particularly around the eyes (crow’s feet), nasolabial folds, improving the jawline, reducing a double chin, raising eyebrows, and addressing facial wrinkles, bags, among other concerns.

    In contemporary practice, endoscopy is instrumental in enhancing outcomes and minimizing preauricular signs (scars) that are typically associated with traditional facelifts. In many instances, the need for extensive skin or hair clipper incisions is obviated. Through endoscopic techniques, facial rejuvenation is achieved by repositioning the skin behind the ears, leaving a transitional fold that gradually absorbs over 3-8 weeks without necessitating scalp incisions.

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