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Dr. John Garcia

Breast Reduction

    Breast Reduction

    This type of breast surgery is frequently requested by patients seeking not only reduce its size, but also improve its shape and position in the chest, so as to relieve some ailments, such as dermatitis in the submammary, pain and spinal deformities cervical and dorsal caused by excessive weight, respiratory problems and of course aesthetic dissatisfaction which generates a negative self- image both adolescents and women of all ages. 

    The procedure involves removing (extracting) the excess tissue (skin – tissue fat and glandular tissue), achieving thus reduce breast volume and weight while lifting and adapt their shape in proportion to the body. This procedure can be performed using a variety of techniques whose selection depends on the volume and shape of the breast, excess skin and elasticity of the patients expectations and surgeon preference. The resulting scars ranging from Peri-areolar, in minimal reductions (around the areola, the dark skin that is located around the nipple), a combination of this with a vertical scar that runs from the areola to the submammary and greater reductions with a horizontal scar, which runs parallel to the inframammary fold , forming the inverted T. 

    However it is considered a particular case to decide what kind of cuts are going to practice.

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