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Dr. John Garcia

Chin Surgery

    Chin Surgery

    This procedure is designed to enhance facial harmony by reshaping the chin contour. While minor facial asymmetries are common and often go unnoticed, a significantly recessed or misaligned chin can be aesthetically discomforting. These cosmetic imperfections can be addressed through corrective mentoplasty, which involves contouring the chin or enhancing its projection with implants placed beneath the skin surface. Chin implants are available in various materials, shapes, and sizes.

    Mentoplasty implants can be customized, trimmed, and sculpted by the plastic surgeon to achieve the ideal chin shape. A carefully selected mentoplasty implant can also contribute to improving the overall appearance of the nose, visually reducing its prominence. Mentoplasty proves particularly effective when performed in conjunction with other facial plastic surgeries such as rhinoplasty or chin liposuction.

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