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    The arms can be found such that sagging zones may require surgery in which excess skin and fatty tissue is removed. These surgeries are known as stretching of the brachial area or Brachioplasty. There are a variety of surgical criteria, techniques, approaches , possible scope, concepts and resulting scars, all of which depends on the specific conditions of the patient and their personal expectations and surgical experience and attitude of each physician specialty. 

    There are patients who prefer big scars just to remove large areas of sagging , sagging skin , stretch marks and fat tissue and thus obtain a significant improvement in the contour of the arm and look much better, knowing that with bare arms showed scars which can be noticeable in many cases. Moreover we have another group of patients who put everything in balance, they will choose to stay with their problems of sagging, stretch marks etc., but not in any way accept the scars and disturbing them much more this idea of scars that sagging skin on the arm. These procedures depending on each case may have very discrete scars, but in cases overweight or large areas of heavy sagging, and in those patients who have lost a lot of weight , scars can be very noticeable and this must be very openly expose the patient, so that the same weigh these whole process and possible scope and consequences.

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