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Dr. John Garcia


    Facelift Surgery

    It is a technique of facial surgery that includes all necessary procedures to correct the facial muscles, tighten skin, remove excess and give the face and neck firmer and freshness. Procedure to remove excess skin of the face and correct facial angles that can be found altered by effects of gravity. The facelift does not stop the process of facial aging, only conceals it to remove excess skin, soften lines (wrinkles ) to tighten skin and muscles of the face and recreate again right angles to the face. The procedure can be done in conjunction with other like eyelid surgery and tail lift of the eyebrow. Before deciding to performed this surgery , think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with your plastic surgeon. Candidates for this surgery are men and women over 40 with excess skin , loss of muscle tone and / or facial angles, healthy, emotionally stable and realistic expectations.

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