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Dr. John Garcia



    In the realm of leg aesthetics, there exist areas that may necessitate corrective procedures designed to address sagging concerns by eliminating surplus skin and fatty tissue. These interventions aim not only to remove excess tissue but also to elevate and reaffirm areas that have experienced a loss of tautness. Termed as dermolipectomy or stretching procedures, these surgeries can target the groin, inner thighs, lateral thighs, or a combination of legs, hips, abdomen, and waist.

    The selection of appropriate surgical criteria, techniques, approaches, potential outcomes, and considerations for resulting scars is contingent upon the unique conditions presented by each patient. The individual’s personal expectations, the surgeon’s experience, and the specialized approach of our medical professionals also play pivotal roles in tailoring these procedures to meet the desired outcomes. Some patients willingly accept prominent scars, prioritizing the removal of extensive sagging, loose skin, stretch marks, and excess fat to achieve a significant enhancement in body contour, resulting in a more appealing appearance, especially when clothed, while acknowledging the visibility of scars in undressed states.

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