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Dr. John Garcia

Buttock Augmentation


    Gluteoplasty has as main purpose the increased volume buttock, as well as improve its projection, grace and strength. The procedure used is the lipoinjection, ie the injection of fat tissue from the patient himself, which taken and appropriately applied may be stored in 50 or 60 %, of the injected volume, permanently. This can be supported by the food at neighboring areas of the buttock, if required, to give more definition and attractive volumes reducing the area of the waist, hips, lower back and outer thighs. We look with this set higher contrast and making the gluteus highlight and define projecting significant on all these areas mentioned in both the rear view as profile. 

     This procedure can be performed using techniques similar to those used in breast prostheses, which are placed across the fold tailbone, placing them above or below the gluteus maximus muscle or its fascia. This surgery unfortunately, has frequent problems, the asymmetries type, unnatural appearance, frequent contracture of the capsule and others that have reduced him popularity among surgeons, since the percentage of dissatisfied patients is very high, which makes the process somewhat attractive. 

    Always seeking more security and optimal results, we now have the VASER, art equipment, which can be applied in a variety of interventions, including the remodeling of body shape, body contouring surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck surgery breast, gynecomastia, surgical rejuvenation of the face and neck, among other utilities , such as cellulite treatment, liposuction HD, with enhancement and definition of muscular structures as the six pack abdomen (which already has a base athletic ), women and men, as well as the Derrien and waist in women. This technology allows us to undertake various plastic surgery procedures both the face and the rest of the body , minimizing tissue trauma very significantly , increasing the efficiency and quality of results and reducing the discomforts such as pain, inflammation and postoperative recovery time.

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